Hidayah Muhallim

Hidayah Muhallim born in Tana Toraja on December 28, 1970 and now lives in Makassar City to run a professional business activities in the CV. Dameka and social activities in several local CSOs (Civil Society Organizations).

Since he completed his undergraduate degree at the Department of International Relations of the University of Hasanuddin Makassar early 1998, Hidayah Muhallim temporary move to Jakarta to participate in several research activities of social and public opinion polls, especially in LP3ES Jakarta until 2001. Due to a strong desire to continue his study at graduate level make it back to Makassar to attend courses and English language training. At the same time, he got a good opportunity to follow the selection process of the applicants IFP-Ford Foundation in 2002. Having passed as eligible recipients IFP-Ford Foundation elect, he again had the opportunity to attend English language training at the PPB of Indonesia University early 2003 and subsequently dispatched by IFP-Ford Foundation to the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, USA for training in English as a preparatory stage before attending the lecture for MA degree at the Department of Sosiology University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2004.

After completing his MA (Master of Art) degree in 2006, Hidayah Muhallim back to Makassar to begin professional activities as a consultant on social research and community development for the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs of PT. Inco Sorowako at PT. Trans Intra Asia as a Social Development Specialist. Subsequently, in 2007 he had taught as an assistant Lecturer at the Department of International Relations University of Hasanuddin Makassar and he also active in the Social Empowerment and Community Learning Institute (SECOLA Institute) Makassar. Besides being active in some other local CSOs as in Mediaqita Foundation and the Foundation Makassar Skalia until now, he had also contracted by CIDA as a local consultant for Monitoring Basics Program in South and Southeast Sulawesi Province in 2011. Today, in addition to actively run the business professional as Director at CV. Dameka, along with some of its partners are preparing an Urban and Community Studies Institute and CV. Dameka Trend which was originally engaged in the field of training, research, publishing of books and magazines as well as event organizer related activities with educational, social, cultural, and community development.