The Indonesian Social Justice Network (ISJN) is a group of IFP (International Fellowships Program) alumni who have a commitment to ensure and implement social justice in their communities. They have been supported by the Ford Foundation through the Indonesia International Education Foundation (IIEF) to continue their studies, either in Indonesia or abroad. After completing their studies, they return to Indonesia to continue their struggle for social justice.

The first IFP Indonesia alumni meeting was held in June 2006 in Jakarta, attended by approximately 30 alumni, and focused on establishing the association of Indonesian IFP Alumni. In November 2008, the association held its second national meeting in Bali— attended by 94 IFP Indonesia Alumni and 8 IFP Asia Alumni from China, Thailand, and Vietnam—and adopted the name of the organization: Indonesia Social Justice Network. The third national meeting (3rd) was held in Jogjakarta in July 2011, and attended by ISJN members and IFP alumni from India, Vietnam, The Philippines, China, and Thailand. Not only do they have strong commitment to strengthen the network among ISJN members and any other IFP Alumni associations, but also to develop program to strengthen their network, and build their capacity, and work collaboratively to promote and ensure social justice in their communities. The last national meeting was on 13rd December 2015 in Makassar.

Nowadays, with about 361 members with different background and expertise (coming from different places throughout Indonesia), ISJN still continue to encourage its members, both as individual and as a group, to keep struggling for establishing social justice in their communities, in many aspects of life; education, human rights, environment, disability, health, peace and non-violence, media and communication, and so forth.