Lusia Peilouw

Living in Ambon (Maluku), a conflict affected area in Eastern Indonesia. In 1999 when conflict erupted in her homeland, she worked on psycho-social area for victims and survivors of the conflict, mostly for women and children. She established a local NGO in Ambon to work professionally for the IDPs. She prepared module for trauma healing as a guideline for her team to work for the IDPs.

This job opened the road for her to do her master’s program. Nominated as a fellow of International Fellowship Program, Lusia got a golden opportunity to take master degree in Development Studies in International Institution of Social Studies in the Haque, The Netherlands.

After the master program, she remained working for conflict management issue but in different form, bu joining International Organisation project like JICA, built networking with civil society organisation focused on women’s rights in post conflict context. Moreover, together with 2 ISJN members, she also established Indev Institute as a place to organise and execute development program, consultancy and research on the area of education management, conflict management and women’s right. Through InDev she conducted some research which ended up with some publication. She also hired as consultant for research project held by another local NGO in Ambon funded by AUSAID, on Access of women on reproductive health services in Maluku.

However one year later, she was elected to be a member of Bawaslu Propinsi Maluku, representing women group, 2012 – 1014. At the same time, she involved actively in advocacy and research on women’s right. It became stronger after 2014 where her activity being focused on Research and Advocacy on protection of women and analysing annual report on Violence Against Women in Maluku. She also quite active in writing both academic and non-academic, even as columnist in a mainstream media in Ambon.

In brief, Lusia has some qualification, including:

• 15 years working in NGO and International Organisation in conflict and post-conflict situation for social development programs including woman issues
• 2 years working as highest officer at provincial level
• Master degree in development studies, majored in Population, Poverty and Social Development
• Capability to work with government representatives, local and national Non-Government Organizations and International Non-Government Organizations
• Capacity to manage various programs in Community Development, post conflict issues and Women Empowerment
• Ability to develop public policy analysis and produce policy brief
• Theoretical and Practical Skill in conducting need assessment and survey
• Facilitation skill
• Academic and non-academic writing skill