Martadinata Basyir is a Senior Veterinarian in Department of Agriculture, Government of OKU District, South Sumatera. Having graduated from leading veterinary school in Indonesia, Bogor institute of Agriculture in 2002.

Nathan joined a US based profit company where he worked as Junior Product Manager before securing a place in Master of Public Health Program the University of Birmingham that he completed in 2005 with fully funding support from Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program. Being always best graduate, Nathan is always fascinated by number and quantitative approaches which led him successfully secured a job offer from WHO Office for European Region in Copenhagen, Denmark in the middle of his master degree. It was in this organization; Nathan developed his skills in project management through various involvements in robust humanitarian projects across European and the world. There were three projects (over 900,000.00 USD budget each), Livelihood project in Azzad, Jammu and Kashmir in 2006, Water conservancy and Dry land agriculture in Gansu North China in 2007 and Water and sanitation project in three districts in West Coast Aceh in 2008, which can not be forgotten by himself as he led the implementation of projects that regarded by his other fellows as ‘mission impossible’ to success.

Currently, Nathan works as civil servant in his very own community where he facilitate groups of women to manage small-scale layer poultry farming as mean of livelihood. He recently received a Grandmaster Award in Food Security from the President of Indonesia at National Palace in late 2016 for his achievement in and dedication to poultry farming.