Susan T. Salosa graduated from university of Hawaii at Manoa in the US for her masters program sponsored by Ford Foundation scholarship in 2009. At 2015 She got her doctor from Gadjah Mada university.

She works a researcher of forestry sociology at Environment and forestry’s Research and development Institute, an Indonesia govermental institute under Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in Manokwari West Papua province. She has been conducted many topics of researches such as adaptation of mountains people of Papua to the climate change, Food security of local people of Papua, potency of sago etc. The researches has been published in books, papers and articles like Challenge of Sago (Metroxylon sp) as Papua Food Identity (2015), Forest in Hatam community live on Arfak mountains Natural Reserve Environment (2014),  Changing Preferences of Plant Use in Maibrat, West Papua-Indonesia (2011), Mountain People’s Vulnerability to the Climate Change on Arfak, Manokwari, West Papua-Indonesia (2011), The local wisdom about food security (2010), Change of Plant Use in Maybrat District of West Papua Province (2010), Table of form and weight factors on air-dried condition of two species of rattan from low land forest at Ransiki, Manokwari, Papua (2002) and other publishings.